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A graduate of the 1980’s UK punk scene, Stephen worked with various concert promoters and management companies before establishing Stephen Anderson Publicity (S.A.P.) in August 1990 with an office in Cathedral Buildings, 64 Donegal Street, Belfast.

Based in Belfast, Stephen Anderson Publicity represents music business clients from USA (primarily New York), Ireland and UK. He is widely recognised as one of the top PR men working the field of British and Irish rock music. Through choice he has remained a one man operation so that he can work closely with a small but impressive roster of acts that appeal to his personal musical tastes.

Clients have included Rob Halford (of Judas Priest), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Dr. John, Good Charlotte, Thunder, and The Ramones. He has also worked with many underground, avant garde and niche clients including The Wrens, Brainiac, Sounds of the Underground (US touring music festival), Drive-Thru (record company) and Metal Blade (record company). He has solid reputation in the music industry for breaking new US acts in the UK and Ireland.

In the late 1990’s S.A.P. opened an office in New York (820 Broadway) and founded the AVM music group that released records by various underground acts as well as securing the rights to re-release recordings for the Gordy Records catalogue (Berry Gordy’s forerunner to Mowtown Records).

In 2009 Stephen became a founding member and spokesperson for Unleash the Bats, a music industry campaign against illegal downloading www.unleashthebats.co.uk

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