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With the start of a new year, comes the birth of a hot new band, say hello to Neverise

Rising from the ashes of the hotly tipped Follow You Home, Derby five-piece Neverise release their eagerly anticipated first single ‘Everything You’ve Done’ on 23 February


New name, new songs, new sound, new singer… the rebooted Derby hotshots are set to take 2015 by storm!

With the demise of Follow You Home, the band saw an opportunity to regroup, rethink and move their sound in a new direction. By chance they discovered their long-time friend, Jessica Matthews, who was already carving her own niche as a solo artist, had always had a hankering to be in a band.

Talk about right place right time.

Neverise aren’t merely picking up where FYH left off. They’re starting again from scratch. The first fruit, ‘Everything You’ve Done’, is a no nonsense statement of intent that packs a real punch. Their new sound sees Jess’ soulful vocal pick its way through a swirl of electronics, an infectious chant-along chorus, snarling hardcore edges and guitars that could build brick walls.

Alongside the single, the band are also launching a Pledge Music campaign for the May release of a debut five-track EP, while without hearing a single note, the band’s social media pages are already alight with follows and likes racking up by the day in anticipation.

Will 2015 be the year of Neverise? You wouldn’t bet against it.

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Everything You've Done

23/February 2015